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We conduct training seminars and hold trapping workshops to teach trapping and fur handling methods to beginners and experts alike.
Mississippi Trappers Association


The Mississippi Trappers Association is dedicated to conserving wildlife and preserving our outdoor heritage for future generations.
Mississippi Trappers Association


MTA is a group of sportsmen dedicated to preserving the rights of all Mississippi trappers, through the education of our youth and the general public.
Mississippi Trappers Association


It is our goal at MTA that trapping in Mississippi will continue to be used as an effective  management tool for fur bearing populations now and in the future.

MTA-Logo3Our Mission Statement

To promote the highest standards of sportsmanship. To strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the land owners, trappers, and other public in general. To encourage protection, restoration, and management of water. wildlife, forest and fields. To seek more awareness and promote more intensive public conservation and education of youth and adults as to the essentials of trapping, hunting, fishing and to it’s use as a necessary wildlife management tool.To educate and train the young and inexperienced trappers in the harvesting and management of our natural and renewable resources and to give them our support. To promote organizations of local, district, state, and national interests having similar aims, giving them aid, counsel and support in resolving problems of local, state, or national origin. To oppose propaganda put forth by anti-trapping, hunting, and fishing organizations. To oppose bad legislation pertaining to trapping, hunting and fishing on state and national levels. To press for prosecution of anyone guilty of wrong doings against persons trapping, hunting, or fishing, and the trade of trapping, and the sport of hunting and fishing.

Natinonal Trappers Associatio


We Are Proud Members Of The National Trappers Association

Mississippi Trappers Association