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Hey folks,
The Convention / Banquet Committee has been working hard the last couple of months and a GREAT Convention and FBU banquet is being planned and really coming together!

We need EVERY MTA MEMBERS help with all of this, but especially for the MTA Awards banquet…….we will conveying two very important and distinguished awards, and we need nominations from MTA members for the recipients! Let’s take them one the time. The first award will be the MS Trapper of the Year. This person should exhibit loyal support and commitment and involvement for the past 12 months to grow the MTA and further our mission statement. This person need not be the BEST or MOST SKILLED trapper in the state for that year…..but rather be very supportive and a facilitator to what we are trying to accomplish…..further Trapping in Mississippi!!!!!
The recipient must be an MTA member and supportive to our effort over the last year!

The next award will be the MTA Hall of Fame Award. This is a bit different, and should be someone who has supported our Association over the years, continually contributed their skills and their efforts, and helped to preserve the Association and what we stand for to ensure our presence today!

We will be taking nominations for these two awards over the month of July. Nominations should include the nominees name, time of service, and a brief description of why this candidate deserves the award. The deadline for submitting a nomination will be August 5, and they will be reviewed by our committee, voted on and awarded at our MTA banquet on September 27th in conjunction with our annual convention.

You can submit a nomination to any of our convention committee members, or directly to me via email, text, or FB messenger.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with these awards, and if you are not already involved, please join our committee to help plan our convention and banquet! We welcome the support and creative thoughts from every single member!!!!!

Keeping The Tradition Alive

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Facebook Forum

Please ask to join our private Facebook Group to stay in contact with members.

This will be replacing the old style forums which have gone the way of typewriters and cassette tapes!

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Mississippi Trappers Association Facebook Forum


Please ask to join our private Facebook Group to stay in contact with members. This will be replacing the old style forums which have gone the way of typewriters and cassette tapes!

Some other advantages of the Facebook Group over the old discussion board are:

  • When MTA Members find a youtube video that we want to share with the group, this can be simply done directly from Youtube by clicking the “share” button under the video as it plays.
  • The group can be accessed easily using a mobile device… for example from the iPhone or Android Facebook app. On the other hand checking the discussion forum on an iPhone is nowhere nearly impossible!
  • Videos and Podcasts on the Facebook group wall play right there in the wall… rather than simply being a link that leads you to another page. It’s a better user experience for our members.
  • When someone posts on the Facebook group wall, all the members of the group get a notification, and since many of them are in Facebook most of the time anyway, they get it immediately!