Trapping Studies

Intro to Best Management PracticesWhat are BMPs?BMPBMP Overview
Red Fox BMPRed Fox Best Management PracticesBMPRed Fox BMPs
Racoon BMPRaccoon Best Management PracticesBMPRaccoon BMP
Otter BMPOtterBest Management PracticesBMPOtter BMP
Nutria BMPNutria Best Management PracticesBMPNutria BMP
Mink BMPMink Best Management PracticesBMPMink BMP
Gray Fox BMPGray Fox Best Management PracticesBMPGray Fox BMP
Eastern Coyote BMPEastern Coyote Best Management PracticesBMPCoyote BMP
Bobcat BMPBobcat Best Management PracticesBMPBobcat BMP
Beaver BMPBeaver Best Management PracticesBMPBeaver BMP
This is a list of wildlife biology studies that can be used to support trapping as a humane effective way to control predators and management wildlife populations