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We are Promoting the Highest Standards of Sportsmanship in Mississippi

Upcoming Events

Our annual fall meeting is scheduled to be held Saturday September 30, 2017 at 9 am. This meeting will once again be held at the Holmes County State Park. Our annual meeting agenda will include voting for multiple officer positions. Please help spread the word. Our plans for lunch will include a potluck. Everyone please bring a dish. I can assure you that it will be as awesome as it normally has been. Come hungry!

Keeping The Tradition Alive

Facebook Forum

Please ask to join our private Facebook Group to stay in contact with members.

This will be replacing the old style forums which have gone the way of typewriters and cassette tapes!

Mississippi Trappers Association Membership Information


Membership in the Mississippi Trappers Association is open to anyone interested in fulfilling the purpose of the organization, in improving the conditions of the trapper by preserving and strengthening the raw fur industry, and in improving the conservation and management of furbearing wildlife and their habitats. The Mississippi Trappers Association has a variety of activities for your benefit throughout the year. These include fur handling seminars, organizational meetings, and seasonal get-togethers. Everyone is welcome to attend Mississippi Trappers Association activities which are open to the public. We serve to provide an environment for interaction and the exchange of information.

Each of these membership categories is available with a subscription to the Trapper’s Post magazine.

We offer the following memberships which can now be paid online.

Adult Membership 1 Year


1 Year Family Membership


Lifetime Membership


Application Information

To join the Mississippi Trappers Association just fill out our Membership Application by clicking here.

Make payment (Check or Money Order) made payable to:

Mississippi Trappers Association

Then mail form and payment to:

Mississippi Trappers Association
3599 Hohenlinden Road
Mantee, MS 39751

The Trappers Post

Trapper’s Post provides in-depth articles with detailed information and clear photos and illustrations, to help readers become more effective trappers. Some articles are by recognized experts, others are by excellent trappers known only to a handful of people. As Bill Nelson said, “Some of the best trappers in the country never saw their names in print.” They are now, in our pages. So are regular trappers, who have valuable observations and stories to share.

Trapper’s Post keeps you current with changes in equipment, methods, the fur market, legislation, and more.

The Mississippi Trappers Association reserves the right to reject any and all applicants.